Kakamega Forest National Park, located in western Kenya, is a remnant of the ancient Guineo-Congolian rainforest that once spanned the African continent. Covering an area of about 238 square kilometers, the park is a haven for biodiversity, housing over 400 species of birds, 300 species of trees, and numerous species of butterflies and primates. Notable bird species include the Great Blue Turaco and the rare Turner’s Eremomela, while mammals like the De Brazza’s monkey and giant forest squirrel are also resident here. The forest’s dense canopy and rich undergrowth provide an immersive experience for visitors, with an array of sounds and sights that change throughout the day.

Visitors to Kakamega Forest National Park can explore a network of trails that meander through the forest, offering opportunities for bird watching, butterfly spotting, and discovering various plant species. The park also has numerous streams and rivers, with picturesque waterfalls such as the Isiukhu Falls adding to the scenic beauty. The forest is an important conservation area and provides essential ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration and water catchment. It is also culturally significant, with local communities relying on its resources for traditional medicines and other uses.